De’longhi EC155 bar pump espresso and cappuccino maker review

B000F49XXG-main-300pxThe Delonghi EC155 bar pump espresso and cappuccino maker is a wonderful machine. Its compact and its small footprint is perfect if you have limited counter space. The Delonghi EC155 also gives you the option to use either coffee or ESE pods. In addition to espresso the Delonghi EC155 also brews excellent cappuccinos and latte’s. The EC155 is pump driven with 15 bar pump pressures to give you optimum flavor that you won’t find on any other machine in this price range. Combined with a 35 ounce water tank able to pull 8 to 10 consecutive shots. It features a stainless steel boiler that’s not only durable but extremely easy to maintain. Dual thermostats allow water and steam to be controlled separately guaranteeing the perfect temperature. It’s a cinch to clean due to it’s removable water tank and removable drip tray. The rotating jet frother produces thick long lasting foam and even rotates to give you a full range of motion. Self priming and a built in tamper means less startup preparation and work for you It features a quiet start up and a 30 second post preheat brewing time

The De’longhi EC155 is a excellent machine but its not without its faults. The amount of thick creamy froth it produces can make for a bit of a messy clean up. The Steam wand could be a little bit longer and it can be hard to maneuver. It has a somewhat limited clearance (2.5 inches) so you may need a smaller frothing pitcher. There are no power or water level indicators and it also lacks a auto shutdown. There were some complaints of durability and pieces of plastic breaking easy and the machine slowing down after a few months but there are just as many reviewers that had this machine for years and swears it runs just as good as the day they first took it out of the box. The Delonghi EC155 is well constructed even though it uses plastic for it’s outer housing instead of stainless steel like more expensive models.

Bottom line is for this budget price you couldn’t hope to get a better espresso maker. Of course it’s not a perfect machine but it easily outperforms much pricier models. The Delonghi EC155 is a number one best seller on Amazon and it seems most reviewers favorite feature is the frother which you can count on for rich, thick, delicious crema every time The patented dual filter gives you the option of choosing ESE pods or ground coffee. A coffee grinder also would have been a nice addition but at this budget price it’s hard to complain. It is a extremely attractive machine and you will appreciate the small foot print if your counter space is limited. Perfect for coffee aficionados and novices alike. With this machine you can get Starbucks quality without the line right in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a entry level espresso machine that also can produce delicious latte’s and cappuccinos look no farther than the Delonghi EC155.

Waist training for weight loss

Some Top Waist Trainings and Exercises for Weight Loss

The fact that if the diet you eat, controlled by you, fat in your body would be loosen easily. However, to achieve this target, your diet will be complimented with the right type of training.

Simply getting some training on the stationary bikes in many hours won’t work enough. Slow and long cardio sessions could not be declared as an ideal job for a slimmer waist. Performing crunches until standing up straight hardly, is also not enough to get a slim waist.

If you are willing to own a perfect slim waist, the right mix of training would be required to target the right core muscles when your metabolism is being increased.

Famous Seven-Minutes Abs Training app

Do you own an iPhone? Well, this app is must have and you can start following what is described in the manual. It provides a complete guideline and abs workout that will surely slim your waist as well as strengthen your core. Just spend about 7 minutes and you will get voice overs and instructions about how to do the exercise. Also, a built-in timer is programmed in this app to keep you aware of the time you spend.

Waist slimming exercise by jumping rope

Jumping rope is one of the most popular waist slimming exercise. Since it has the ability to raise the metabolic rate and it forces to tighten the core, the workout of this way is double.

Keep in mind that when you do this exercise, don’t forget to perform more complex movements, so that it will involve more muscles such as twisting the waist to the right and to left as you jump.

When you become familiar with this kind of exercise, try to move ahead and choose more complex waist exercises and add them to your daily exercises. While jumping rope, make sure to follow the rules listed below:

  • Jumping rope as quickly as it’s possible for more than 30 seconds
  • Consider having a break for 20 seconds.
  • Repeat 6 times with 2 minutes break and do it daily.

This procedure will burn your lots of calories while the workout and also, it can burn your body fats for many hours post-workout.


These exercises look a bit boring, but they are fun. After a few days of training, you will enjoy them and want to perform every day without having any tiredness.

Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear Review

Nowadays, women want to have a good posture and slim body. Have you heard about the product Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear ? Yes it is!
This product comes in color black, beige and natural rubber.
The price of this garment worth $75.95 to $80.00
Made in Brazil.

Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear Review
Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear Review


  • This product has it’s firm control and flexible boned open-bust shape of camisole
  • This product is also bra and panty sold separately
  • Approximately good for person with up to 22 inches long from shoulders
  • This garment has natural stretch rubber in outer part and also has cotton lining
  • This garment designed to lessen back pain and to correct posture
  • This can make you slim, because it can make you sweat more to mobilize those fats and push them away together with those bad toxins in the body.
  • This can also improve your metabolism
  • Lessen the constipation issues.
    Always take good care of this garment, machine wash and bleach should be avoided because bleach can damage your garment in just minutes. This is good for those undergone of ceasarian section, recommend atleast ten months before use. This can help the wound to close.


  • Chafing, skin irritation, pain and aches, and difficult to breath can be experience using this garment .
  • You don’t have any knowledge to use this product , you did not measure your waist before wearing the product
  • You sleep while wearing this garment and you ignore the uncomfortable feeling.
  • You did not place at least a thin cloth under this garment.
  • You have sensitive skin.
  • Do not use this if you have an open wound, because this can make it worsen.


This Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear can make you look sexier, but you need to join in a waist training so that it could be possible for you to get slim and sweat more than ever. Look good is definitely a must to every women nowadays. But at the end of the day your character is the most thing people evaluate than you body. Just smile and have confidence, that is the only way to make you feel good, look good and feel young. Do not over stress to make yourself sexy, having a good mind and thinking is the more sexy than body.

Waist Training Guide

Waist Training Guide

Women nowadays really want to get slim, so they bought waist cincher , now that they placed the garment around their midsection. Now, what’s next? Other girl didn’t know there is waist training guide all they know is just move to get slim and have perspiration. I will give you some guide about waist training.

  • It is also consider as the most effective way to get slim
  • If you will join to waist training, you should have waist training corset.


Does waist training effective?

To tell you honestly the waist training is really effective depends upon the person who really wants to get slim. Because if you really want to get slim, you will do anything to achieve that. Waist training is just available to use. It requires determination, positive mind and encouragement. Changing your lifestyle is a must. I did not require you to eat less, you should eat right.

Is it dangerous?

It is not dangerous, but do not over-do it. not dangerous reportedly negative because somebody wants just to put some bad comments to stop it’s trend. If you feel suddenly pain, stop it and continue it later.

Waist Training Guide
Waist Training Guide

Getting started

Before anything else, you should find the a waist trainer. This is the only thing you have to prepare so don’t be shy if you will spend penny for it.

  • Look for exercise and diet plan
    • These two are always available free on the internet so you don’t have to buy in the market.
  • Start using your waist cincher
    • It is very important that you had tried to place it in your midsection for you to be able to feel of having it around your body. I would not recommend to use that for three hours to four. I think one to two hours is enough.
  • Persistent is the key
    • Now that you have your waist cincher and a diet and exercise plan persistency  and discipline is the key to achieve the slimming body you want.


For you to achieve what you have aimed for. You should think that it will come true. Do not place any doubt in your heart and mind. To see it you must believe it. Self-discipline and love for yourself is the key to achieve that body. Do not change yourself just to impress others. Let them see who you are. It is their fault if they won’t accept or understand you.

Rago Women’s Plus-Size Waist Cincher Review

Rago Women’s Plus-Size Waist Cincher comes in two color (one and black) . Price ranges to $33.93 to $42.30 and it is free return just in case sizes big for you. Just do not forget the receipt and the product you want to exchange. This product also made with 70% nylon or 30% spandex. It is also good in machine wash. Comes also with exclusive power circle inner contour bands for shaping waist. Comes also with flat sewn seams and panelling for garment comfort. This product also comes with flat lace front panel fully lined with soft fiber-fill for added shaping and comfort. It is also comes with 12″ front hook and eye opening and last but not the least, it has four adjustable and removable metal garters to wear with our without hosiery. Product dimension. Product description is rated one of rago’s most popular items. This is a high waist, “no roll”, waist cincher made up of rago®‘s firm shaping shapette fabric. Shipping weight is one pound. You can also see in Amazon website the shipping rates and policies. The garter comes removable. Believers say that it is super-sexy worn with stockings.

Rago Women's Plus-Size Waist Cincher Review
Rago Women’s Plus-Size Waist Cincher Review


One thing that believers say about this product is, it can cover some post pregnancy pooch. And also this product is fit as they expected and also they said that, it is so easy to put on and off. To get some perspiration this will motivate you to start walking and toning again and then maybe someday real soon you can buy the next smaller size. This makes your  stomach  look completely flat and gives you a near perfect waist. And it’s comfy like no other. It definitely flattened their stomach.


Other buyers experience was, the boning in the cincher pokes your in the ribs if you wear it for much longer than an hour or two. Well, this thing will experience if you didn’t wear it well and you didn’t follow the rules when it comes to measurements. Other buyers said that they hated how it made the rest of the look. They had rolls above it. They kind of felt like a sausage.


Overall they are pleased with this product and it’s comfy. They love it. They are all inspired to lose some weight, the comment also was they prove that the product is well made. They want to recomment this for some also who is overweight. Rate it five star

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How to choose a corset ?

How to choose a corset - Materials
How to choose a high quality corset
How to choose a high quality corset

In order for you to get fit and lose some waist inches, it is appropriate to find a nice and comfortable corset. But how do you find a nice waist cincher or the corset? So here are the following tips you must follow for you to be able to get one and to get a hourglass shape you are aiming for.

Get the exact measure of your waist
This is the first thing you have to consider for you tobe able ato get a nice corset. Failure to this tips will turn out useless. It can cause so many damanges in your body like skin irritain, difficulty to breath and chafing. If you cannot do this on your own try to get some help in your place.

When it comes to material, women should consider this, because it is really important. Failure to this tips can cause skin irritation and skin allergen to those having a sensitive skin. So better to choose the well made materials.

How to choose a corset - Materials
Many different materials such as cotton, denim, silk, ,leather orr many other non stretch materials.

Consider also the color and design
When it comes to style and design color is a must thing you have to consider. Corset also good to display over a cloth. It can make you look stylish and sexy. Go for a vibrant color so that you look more noticeable and stunning.

A good corset can be seen through it nice construction. It can be seen with the approriate boning and more hooks. And a best corset also going in its right place.

At the end of the day, you can test how nice is your corset. If you feel comfortable and no pain and aches exits I think you on the right corset. It is really better to get a adjustable design pattern so that if you want to feel like to adjust the size you can do it whenever you want. And do not ever forget to take good care of your corset for it to be last for so long. Hand wash is the best for it, avoid bleach and do not use dryer as it can make your corset damage in just minutes. Just let it dry in air.
Do not ever forget that attitude is really makes you beautiful, just learn how to carry yourself in the eyes of the people. Just believe in yourself. Love yourself because no one can ever did that for you.